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Triple Concerto BWV 1044. Harpsichord concerto BWV 1052

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
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    In 1729, Johann Sebastian Bach took over the direction of the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, founded by Telemann: now at last he was in charge of a highly efficient ensemble, totally dedicated to his musical intentions. The concertos he wrote for this group are far more than simple adaptations of earlier works: the solo part in the Concerto BWV 1052 (originally for violin) undergoes a radical transformation which turns it into a totally idiomatic keyboard piece, and the famous Triple Concerto BWV 1044 follows a different and quite splendid path from the Brandenburg Concertos to which it has often been compared. And finally, this CD demonstrates that Johann Gottfried Müthel, who made Bach’s acquaintance shortly before his death, deserves much better than the rank of “minor composer” that he is traditionally allotted.
    This title was released for the first time in 2001.

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    JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH [1685-1750] Concerto pour clavecin en ré mineur BWV 1052 Harpsichord Concerto in D minor · Allegro (6'45) · Adagio (5'40) · Allegro (7'06) Triple Concerto pour flûte, violon, clavecin et cordes BWV 1044 for flute, violin, harpsichord and strings in A minor · Allegro (7'50) · Adagio ma non tanto e dolce (5'32) · Tempo di Allabreve (6'41) JOHANN GOTTFRIED MÜTHEL [1728-1788] Concerto pour clavier en Si bémol majeur Keyboard Concerto in B flat major · Allegro (7'42) · Poco adagio (10'49) · Allegro (6'07)

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