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"Tune thy Musicke to Thy Hart", Tudor & Jacobean music for private devotion

Stile Antico, Fretwork
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    Stile Antico (joined by Fretwork) explores a long-neglected repertory – the wealth of Tudor and Jacobean sacred music written for domestic devotion, rather than for church worship. Culled from collections intended for use in private homes, these pieces by Tomkins, Campion, Byrd, Tallis, Dowland, Gibbons and others, offer a unique insight into the turbulent religious climate of the time and the thriving musical culture at its heart.
    “An ensemble of breathtaking freshness, vitality and balance” (The New York Times)

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    THOMAS TOMKINS [1572-1656]
    · O praise the Lord (3'45)
    JOHN AMNER [?-1641]
    · O ye little flock (7'06)
    JOHN TAVERNER [c.1490-1545]
    · In nomine (Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas) (2'04)
    ROBERT RAMSEY [1590-1644]
    · How are the mighty fall’n (6'30)
    THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585]
    · Purge me, O Lord (1'52)
    JOHN AMNER [?-1641]
    · A stranger here (5'04)
    ROBERT PARSONS [c.1530-1570]
    · In nomine a4 no.1 (2'36)
    JOHN BROWNE [fl.1480-1505]
    · Jesu, mercy, how may this be? (10'04)
    ROBERT PARSONS [c.1530-1570]
    · In nomine a4 no.2 (2'19)
    GIOVANNI CROCE [c.1557-1609]
    · From profound centre of my heart (4'37)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · I shame at my unworthiness (2'21)
    THOMAS CAMPION [c.1567-1619]
    · Never weather-beaten sail (2'39)
    WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623]
    · Why do I use my paper, ink and pen? (2'30)
    THOMAS TOMKINS [1572-1656]
    · When David heard (5'03)
    ORLANDO GIBBONS [1583-1625]
    · See, see, the Word is incarnate (6'19)

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