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Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (10th), Gold medalist

Jon Nakamatsu
1 CD
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    "A competition is really only an opportunity. It is up to the artist to make what he or she can out of that opportunity. All we want to do here is ease the road. We are offering a forum for these young pianists to be heard." - Van Cliburn.

    First held in 1962, the Van Cliburn Competition has established itself as a joyous festival dedicated to the discovery and celebration of the world's finest young pianists. Every four years, the Van Cliburn Foundation offers the opportunity for a select group of outstanding musicians to showcase their art while challenging themselves to reach new standards of artistic excellence.

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    • Jon Nakamatsu


    FREDERIC CHOPIN [1810-1849]
    · Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise Op.22 (14'22)
    IGOR STRAVINSKY [1882-1971]
    4 Etudes Op.7
    · Con moto (1'25)
    · Allegro brillante (2'38)
    · Andantino (1'57)
    · Vivo (1'55)
    JOHANNES BRAHMS [1833-1897]
    Sonata in C major Op.1
    Ut majeur / C-dur

    · Allegro (12'19)
    · Andante - attacca (5'44)
    · Scherzo: Allegro molto e con fuoco (5'39)
    · Finale: Allegro con fuoco (6'25)
    WILLIAM BOLCOM [1938-]
    9 Bagatelles
    · I. (...the ghost mazurka) (1'28)
    · II. (...aimai-je un reve?) (0'59)
    · III. (...forgotten prayers) (1'39)
    · IV. (...cycle de l'univers) (1'06)
    · V. ( belle rouquine) (1'42)
    · VI. (...Pegasus) (0'50)
    · VII. (...this endernight) (0'30)
    · VIII. (...recess in hell) (0'30)
    · IX. (...Circus Galop) (1'11)

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