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Middle Ages

Old Roman Chant, #3: Vespers for Easter Sunday

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
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    The chant that reigned in Europe for 12 centuries.
    When in the middle of the 8th century, on the initiative of Pepin the Short, the heathen Franks took up relations with the Papacy in Rome, they were so impressed by the Roman liturgy – the most exalted expression of the type of civilization they desired to promote – that they transmitted their enthusiasm to the whole of the Western world. It was thus that for twelve centuries the chant of the Church of Rome was to remain the standard liturgical practice. In this regard the Easter Vespers are particularly fascinating, both in the solemnity of their procedure and in the extraordinary fullness of their chants.
    This title was released for the first time in 1998.

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    · I. Ad processionem Kyrie (5'17)
    · II. Antiphona Alleluia. Psalmus 109 Dixit Dominus. Antiphona Alleluia (3'09)
    · III. Antiphona Alleluia. Psalmus 110 Confitebor. Antiphona Alleluia (3'43)
    · IV. Alleluia. V. Dominus regnavit. V. Parata sedes tua. V. Elevaverunt flumina (7'49)
    · V. Antiphona Alleluia. Psalmus 111 Beatus vir. Antiphona Alleluia (3'47)
    · VI. Alleluia. V. Pascha nostrum. V. Epulemur. Alleluia (9'10)
    · VII. R. Cito euntes. V. Ecce precedet vos (1'24)
    · VIII. Oratio Concede questimus (1'11)
    · IX. R. In die resurrectionis. V. Congregabo gentes (2'53)
    · X. Antiphona Alleluia. Psalmus 112 Laudate pueri. Antiphona Alleluia (4'06)
    · XI. Alleluia. V. O kyrios evasileosen. V. Ke gar estereosen (5'34)
    · XII. R. Venite et videte. V. Surrexit enim sicut dixit (1'40)
    · XIII. Oratio Presta quesumus (1'27)
    · XIV. Antiphona Vidi aquam (2'09)
    · XV. Antiphona Alleluia. Psalmus 113 In exitu Israël. Antiphona Alleluia (6'48)
    · XVI. Alleluia. V. Venite exultemus. V. Preoccupemus faciem eius (6'15)
    · XVII. Antiphona Scio quod Hiesum. Canticum Magnificat. Antiphona Alleluia (4'21)
    · XVIII. Oratio Presta quesumus (1'22)
    · XIX. R. Expurgate vetus fermentum. V. Non in fermento veteri (6'05)

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