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Zigeunerlieder / Songs & Duets

Genia Kühmeier, Bernarda Fink, Christoph Berner
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    In 2004 Bernarda Fink released a recording of Dvořák songs that created a genuine sensation, winning awards including Diapason d’Or Arte, Diapason de l’Année, and 10 de Répertoire. Now, eight years later, she returns to the composer, in the company of the young soprano Genia Kühmeier, to sing thirteen of the Moravian Duets which brought the young musician fame far beyond his homeland. The other two cycles, for solo voice, round out the portrait of a Dvořák still attached to musical traditions, whether sacred (Biblical Songs) or secular (Gypsy Melodies).

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    • Genia Kühmeier
    • Mezzo-soprano
    • Christoph Berner


    ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK [1841-1904]
    Gypsy Songs op.55 (Cigánské Melodie)

    · 1. My song of love sounds (Má písen zas) (2'35)
    · 2. Hark how my triangle (Aj! Kterak trojhranec muj) (1'08)
    · 3. And the forest is silent all around (A les je tichy kolem kol) (3'04)
    · 4. Songs My Mother Taught Me (Kdyz mne stará matka) (2'20)
    · 5. The strings are tuned (Struna naladena) (1'04)
    · 6. Wide sleeves and wide trousers (Siroké rukávy) (1'23)
    · 7. Give a hawk a pure gold cage (Dejte klec jestrábu) (1'53)
    Moravian Duets op.32 (Moravské Dvojzpevy)
    · 1. I will escape you (A já ti uplynu) (2'25)
    · 2. Fly, fly, little bird (Velet, vtácku) (2'36)
    · 3. If my scythe were whetted (Dyby byla kosa nabrósená) (1'09)
    · 4. Friends we were when we met (V dobrym sme se sesli) (0'59)
    · 5. How small the field of Slavíkov is (Slavikovsky polecko maly) (1'03)
    · 6. The Dove on the Maple Tree (Holub na javore) (1'26)
    · 7. Water and Tears (Voda a plác) (2'02)
    · 8. The Modest Maiden (Skromná) (1'31)
    · 9. The Ring (Prsten) (2'11)
    · 10. Grow green, grow green (Zelenaj se, zelenaj) (3'05)
    · 11. The Captured Maiden (Zajatá) (2'44)
    · 12. Consolation (Neveta) (3'26)
    · 13. The Wild Rose (Sípek) (2'40)
    Biblical Songs op.99 (Biblické Písne)
    · 1. Clouds and darkness are round about him (Oblak a mrákota jest vukol Neho) (2'14)
    · 2. Thou art my defence and shield (Skryse má a paveza má Ty jsi) (1'54)
    · 3. Hear my prayer, O God (Slys, ó Boze! Slys modlitbu mou) (2'59)
    · 4. The Lord is my shepherd (Hospodin jest muj pastyr) (2'19)
    · 5. Lord! Lord! I will sing a new song (Boze! Boze! Písen novou zpívati budu) (2'33)
    · 6. Hear my crying, O God (Slys, ó Boze, volání mé) (2'47)
    · 7. By the waters of Babylon (Pri rekách babylonskych) (2'51)
    · 8. Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me (Popatriz na mne a smiluj se nade mnou) (3'00)
    · 9. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills (Pozdvihuji ocí svych k horám) (2'10)
    · 10. O sing unto the Lord a new song (Zpívejte Hospodinu písen novou) (1'44)

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