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"11.000 Virgins": chant inspired by the legend of St. Ursula

Anonymous 4
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    The radiant music of Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, twelfth-century poet-composer, prophet and mystic, herbalist and healer, came to her in visions and was no doubt intended to be sung by the nuns of her convent. Her rhapsodic chants inspired by the legend of St. Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins are full of imagery, weaving a hypnotic web of sound. Anonymous 4, who sing with "an ethereal clarity that is absolutely captivating"", are the ideal interpreters of this music.

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    • Hildegard von Bingen


    HILDEGARD VON BINGEN [1098-1179]
    · Antiphon: Auctori vite psalmis
    Invitatory: Venite exsultemus domino
    · Symphonia virginum: O dulcissime amator (9'23)
    · Hymn: Jesu corona virginum (2'48)
    · Responsory: Spiritui sancto (6'51)
    · Versicle: Specie tua (0'25)
    · Responsory: Favus distillans (6'51)
    · Benedicamus domino (0'54)
    · Antiphon: Studium divinitatis (1'12)
    · Psalm 92: Dominus regnavit / Studium divinitatis (3'27)
    · Sequence: O Ecclesia (10'09)
    · Benedicamus domino (0'53)
    · Chapter: Domine deus meus (0'51)
    · Brief responsory: Mirabilis deus (1'10)
    · Hymn: Cum vox sanguinis (8'09)
    · Antiphon: O rubor sanguinis (1'38)
    · Canticle: Magnificat anima mea / O rubor sanguinis (5'01)
    · Hymn: Te lucis ante terminum (2'03)
    · Benedicamus domino (0'47)

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