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"A batallar estrellas", music of the Spanish cathedrals in the 17th century

Al Ayre Espanol, Eduardo Lopez-Banzo
1 CD

Drawing from the extensive Spanish religious repertoire of the seventeenth century, “A batallar estrellas” unites a group of works scored for double chorus, with a spectacularly charged sonority typical of the Iberian baroque. The manuscripts of these pieces (many of the performances are being given here for the first time) have been found in the archives of a number of Spanish cathedrals, as well as from those of Mexico City Cathedral.

This title was released for the first time in 2004.

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  • Al Ayre Español
  • Eduardo López Banzo


  • Carlos Patiño
  • Juan Bautista José Cabanilles
  • Joseph Ruiz de Samaniego
  • Juan Bautista Comes
  • Sebastián Durón
  • Cristóbal Galán


CARLOS PATIÑO [1600-1675] · In devotione Motete al Santísimo (5'17)JUAN BAUTISTA JOSÉ CABANILLES [1644-1712] · Symphonia Tiento de falsas de primer tono (4'02)CARLOS PATIÑO · Maria Mater Dei Motete a la Virgen (8'01)JOSEPH RUIZ DE SAMANIEGO · "De esplendor se doran los ayres" Villancico a la Virgen del Pilar (1666) (5'54)JUAN BAUTISTA JOSÉ CABANILLES · Passacalles de quarto tono (1'58)JUAN BAUTISTA COMES [1582?-1643] · "A la sombra estáis" Villancico al Santísimo (6'30)JUAN BAUTISTA JOSÉ CABANILLES [1644-1712] · Symphonia Tiento de primer tono (1'58)SEBASTIÁN DURÓN [1660-1716] · Salve de ecos (5'25) Villancico al Santísimo (4'48) · "A batallar estrellas" Lamentación primera, del Miércoles (14'32)CRISTÓBAL GALÁN [c.1620-1684] · "Oygan los dulzes ecos" Villancico de ecos, al Santísimo (5'23)

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