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Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-6 (recording 2021)

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Isabelle Faust, Antoine Tamestit
2 CD
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Johann Sebastian Bach and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin go back a long way together! This recording, made with the welcome participation of Isabelle Faust and Antoine Tamestit, follows the complete violin concertos (2019), which left a lasting impression. Returning regularly to the inexhaustible source of the Brandenburgs ever since a memorable first recording in the late 1990s, the Berlin musicians have achieved a sovereign mastery of what is not a single work, but six, which, under their fingers, are successive episodes of a piece of musical theatre in love with dance, transparent sound and freedom. An exhilarating experience!

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH [1685-1750] Concerto No.1 BWV1046 F major/Fa majeur/F-Dur · I.[Ohne Satzbezeichnung] (3'33) · II.Adagio (3'19) · III.Allegro (3'58) · IV.Menuet - Trio I - Polonaise - Trio II (7'09) Concerto No.2 BWV1047 F major/Fa majeur/F-Dur · I.[Ohne Satzbezeichnung] (4'46) · II.Andante (3'20) · III.Allegro assai (2'42) Concerto No.3 BWV1048 G major/ Sol majeur/G-Dur · I.[Ohne Satzbezeichnung] (5'10) · II.Adagio (0'16) · III.Allegro (4'15)Concerto No.4 BWV1049 G major/Sol majeur/G-Dur · I.Allegro (6'31) · II.Andante (3'36) · III.Presto (4'25) Concerto No.5 BWV1050 D major/Ré majeur/D-Dur · I.Allegro (9'37) · II.Affettuoso (5'05) · III.Allegro (4'55) Concerto No.6 BWV1051 B-flat major/Si bémol majeur/B-Dur · I.[Ohne Satzbezeichnung] (5'20) · II. Adagio ma non tanto (4'05) · III.Allegro (5'24)

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