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Cello Sonata op.36. Lyric Pieces (a selection)

Emmanuelle Bertrand, Pascal Amoyel
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    Alongside the Sonata op.36 – one of the monuments of the repertoire for cello and piano – Emmanuelle Bertrand and Pascal Amoyel have transcribed some of the delightful Lyric Pieces as a sort of personal diary: in their own way, they retrace the life of Grieg, from the little Arietta of 1867 to the final backward glance of Remembrances (1901). The programme also includes two original pieces for this formation, the Intermezzo and Grieg’s own transcription of the Scherzo from his Third Violin Sonata.

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    EDWARD GRIEG [1843-1907]
    Lyric Pieces / Pièces lyriques / Lyrische Stücke
    · Arietta op.12/1 (1'21)
    · Erotik (Erotikon / Pièce érotique) op.43/5 (3'05)
    · Allegretto in E major / Mi majeur / E-dur (6'21)
    Lyric Pieces
    · Troldtog (March of the trolls / Marche des trolls) op.54/3 (3'15)
    · For dine födder (At your feet / À tes pieds) op.68/3 (3'13)
    Sonata for violoncello and piano in A minor op.36
    la mineur / a-moll

    · I. Allegro agitato (10'19)
    · II. Andante molto tranquillo (6'38)
    · III. Allegro (11'38)
    · Intermezzo in A minor / la mineur / a-moll (2'57)
    Lyric Pieces
    · Vöglein (Little bird / Petit oiseau) op.43/4 (1'40)
    · Drömmesyn (Phantom / Fantôme) op.62/5 (3'20)
    · Geheimnis (Secret) op.57/4 (4'38)
    · Gangar (Norwegian march / Marche des paysans norvégiens) op.54/2 (3'26)
    · Heimweh (Homesickness / Le mal du pays) op.57/6 (3'55)
    · Entschwundene Tage (Vanished days / Jours disparus) op.57/1 (7'11)
    · Efterklang (Remembrances / Souvenir) op.71/7 (1'53)

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