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Choral Works. Mass in A minor, Three Psalms, Welcome Joy and Welcom Sorrow, etc.

Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, The Dmitri Ensemble, Graham Ross
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    Imogen Holst (1907-1984), the daughter of Gustav Holst, has long deserved recognition for her significant body of compositions, written throughout her life. After working as Benjamin Britten’s amanuensis (1952-1964), she returned to her own composing. Graham Ross conducts the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge and the instrumentalists of The Dmitri Ensemble in these world première recordings of a selection of Holst’s choral works ranging from 1927 to 1972, three of which have not been heard since their first performance, together with the first recording of her imaginative and skillful orchestration of Benjamin Britten’s Festival Cantata Rejoice in the Lamb, made at Britten’s own request.

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    • Imogen Holst


    Mass in A Minor
    · I. Kyrie (3'26)
    · II. Gloria (3'28)
    · III. Credo (5'34)
    · IV. Sanctus - Benedictus (4'37)
    · V. Agnus Dei (3'18)
    · A Hymne to Christ (2'24)
    Three Psalms
    · I. Psalm 80, Give ear, O shepherd of Israel (7'24)
    · II. Psalm 56, Be merciful unto me, O God (4'58)
    · III. Psalm 91, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High (3'35)
    Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow
    · I. Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow (1'40)
    · II. Teignmouth (1'30)
    · III. Over the Hill and over the Dale (0'56)
    · IV. O sorrow (2'54)
    · V. Lullaby (2'11)
    · VI. Shed no tear (1'28)
    · Hallo my fancy, whither wilt thou go? (6'25)
    Rejoice in the Lamb (Festival Cantata)
    · I. Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues (3'44)
    · II. For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry (1'59)
    · III. For the Mouse is a creature of great personal valour (0'47)
    · IV. For the flowers are great blessings (2'03)
    · V. For I am under the same accusation with my Saviour (2'38)
    · VI. For H is a spirit and therefore he is God (1'01)
    · VII. For the instruments are by their rhimes (2'19)
    · VIII. Hallelujah from the heart of God (1'14)

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