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Dawâr, la langue invisible

Djamchid, Keyvan & Bijan Chemirani
1 CD
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    Nearly 40 years ago, Djamchid Chemirani (b. Tehran, 1942) made an initial solo recording for harmonia mundi. Since then has continued on his path, now with his sons Keyvan and Bijan at his side. Each of them has amassed his own culture, explored various universes of sound, honed his craft as a musician. But they have constantly returned to the shared magnum opus: the elaboration of a universal rhythmic language. Dawâr is the end result: never before have the Chemiranis achieved such limpidity in the sound produced by the fusion of their threefold strokes; it is in the jubilatory awareness of the work engendered together that they partake of the spiritual experience so strongly present in Iranian culture.

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    • Trio Chemirani


    • Trio Chemirani


    · Dawâr (2'56)
    · Attar (6'14)
    · To Bandégui (2'27)
    · Mochaéré (2'59)
    · Kam Kam (4'35)
    · Shékasté (4'32)
    · Sahar (1'48)
    · Dar e Omid (7'18)
    · Yâdé Saman (2'31)
    · Adjab (2'56)
    · Haft Rang (6'35)
    · Ärézoust (3'20)
    · Reng e Kyân (2'08)
    · Reng e Elijah (5'09)
    · Raqsé Dastan part 1 (2'24)
    · Bâ namak part 2 (3'21)
    · Rodâdad Kodjâst part 3 (2'24)
    · Dawâr (2'12)

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