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Lieder, vol.7 : Erlkönig

Matthias Goerne, Andreas Haefliger
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    ‘New edition features composer’s lyrical heartbeat at its most artless and unaffected. Goerne’s Schubert edition is building an impressive head of steam: his choice of a variety of top-rank pianists seems to have stimulated a fresh appetite for music he has been singing for most of his career.’ Financial Times, April 2011
    ‘Matthias Goerne is one of the great Lieder singers of our times.’ Fanfare, May 2011

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    FRANZ SCHUBERT [1797-1828]
    · Im Abendrot D.799 (4'15)
    · Der Wanderer D.493 (5'22)
    · Nachtviolen D.752 (3'34)
    · Im Walde D.834 (5'18)
    · Normanns Gesang D.846 (3'06)
    · Der Geistertanz D.116 (2'01)
    · Schatzgräbers Begehr D.761 (3'25)
    · An den Mond D.259 (3'15)
    · Erlkönig D.328 (3'43)
    · Am See D.746 (2'21)
    · Alinde D.904 (5'10)
    · Widerschein D.949 (4'33)
    · Die Forelle D.550 (1'54)
    · Der Fluss D.693 (5'15)
    · Abendröte D.690 (3'51)
    · Klage D.415 (3'08)
    · Der Strom D.565 (1'29)
    · Fischerweise D.881 (2'57)
    · Auf der Bruck D.853 (3'05)

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