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Et Jesum. One-voice motets

Carlos Mena, Juan Carlos Rivera & vihuela
1 CD
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    The fame of Tomás Luis de Victoria soon spread beyond the frontiers ofSpain and extended across 16th Century Europe. In Holland as well as inEngland, his polyphonic musical pieces gave an inspiration totranscribers who adapted them for lute and solo voice. This moreintimate repertory reflects the care that Victoria used to take witheach detail; he was one of the first composers to introduce instrumentsto accompany singing in churches.

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    • Francisco Rubio Gallego


    TOMÁS LUIS DE VICTORIA [1548-1611] · Et Iesum (1'57) · Duo Seraphim clamabant (3'27) · O Decus Apostolicum (2'53) · Domine Missa Quam pulchri sunt Solo de vihuela (1'14) · Senex Puerum portabat (3'00) · Magi viderunt stellam (3'17) · Domine, non sum dignus (3'20) · Domine, non sum dignus Solo de vihuela (4'25) · O magnum mysterium (3'11) · Sanctus (1'54) · Benedictus (1'51) · Agnus Dei Missa O magnum mysterium (1'34) · Non timeas, Maria (3'38) · Pleni sunt Missa Gaudeamus Solo de laud (1'29) · Iste Sanctus (2'09) · Estote fortes in bello (2'32) · Alma Redemptoris Mater (5'55) · Domine Deus Missa Gaudeamus Solo de vihuela (1'17) · O quam gloriosum (4'10) · Doctor bonus, amicus Dei (3'13) · Crucifixus Missa Quam pulchri sunt Solo de vihuela (2'33) · Pueri Hebraerorum (2'37) · Salve Regina (4'11)

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