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French & English popular Dances from the 16th-17th Cent.

The Broadside Band, Jeremy Barlow
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    At the sources of traditional music
    This recording is a collection of pieces taken from the two most famous 16th and 17th century treatises on dancing. Published in 1588 in the form of a dialogue between a dancing master and his pupil, the Orchésographie by Jehan Tabouret, alias Thoinot Arbeau, is probably the most widely used practical treatise in the history of the dance. Intended more for couples of dancers (the Orchésographie dealt with groups of dancers), The English Dancing Master, compiled in 1651 from English ancestral country dances, was equally successful and went through no fewer than 18 printings in twenty-fours years! These two collections contain the most celebrated dances in the traditional repertoire.

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    • Jeremy Barlow


    • Thoinot Arbeau
    • John Playford


    THOINOT ARBEAU [1519-1595] Orchésographie · Branle double. Branle simple. Branle gay. Branle de Bourgogne (3'28) · Bransles de Champagne couppez Cassandra. Pinagay. Charlotte (3'25) · Basse danse Jouissance vous donneray. Tourdion. Tourdion (4'27) · Pavane Belle qui tiens ma vie. Gaillardes La Traditore my fa morire, Anthoinette, J'aymerois mieulx dormir seulette. La volte (7'01) · Branles régionaux Branle de Poictou. Branles d'Ecosse. Branle de Bretagne (4'40) · Branles morguez Branle de Malte. Branle des lavandières. Branle des chevaulx (5'46) · Jouyssance vous donneray. The French Corantos. Basse danse La roque. Recercada segunda (7'54) · Branles La danse de la haye. Branle de l'Official (2'22) · Moresques. Canaries. Les Bouffons (4'15) JOHN PLAYFORD [1623-1686] The English Dancing Master · Grimstock (1'27) · Upon a summer's day (2'38) · The Spanish gipsy (1'58) · Rufty Tufty (1'37) · Gray's Inn Mask (4'30) · Bobbing Joe (2'10)

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