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Middle Ages

"In Memoria Eterna" : mozarabic chant and Moroccan Samaa

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
1 CD
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This recording came to fruition thanks to nearly 25 years’ worth of efforts.In 1997, Marcel Pérès and his Ensemble Organum began a simultaneous exploration of the Mozarabic rite(the liturgical chant peculiar to the Christians living in Spain at the time of Arab rule)and of the Samaa spiritual practice of Morocco. Setting aside the theological differences between the two faiths, the artists discovered a great deal of kinship between the two forms of musical expression. A veritable utopia, the idea for this recording then suggested itself: through music, to regain the lost accord of human brotherhood.

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  • Rachid Mazzaoui
  • Saher Ahmed
  • Frédéric Tavernier
  • Michael Rolland
  • Marcel Pérès
  • Jérôme Casalonga
  • Jean-Etienne Langianni


  • Anonymous


· Récitatif. Zidni bifarti (3'42)
· Ouverture de la messe mozarabe
Per gloriam nominis tui Christe filius dei vivi
· Appel à la prière musulmane. Allaho akbar (3'22)
· Alleluia. Verset 1. Beatus homo
Verset 2. Et erit tamquam lignum
Verset 3. Kam laka mine ni'matine alaya
· In omnem terram exivit sonus
Verset : Non sunt sermones neque loquelle
Prosule : Tahya bikom kolou ardine
· Laetatus sum (2'06)
· Introït. Benedicam te (4'44)
· Prosule. Ahmadou al hadi (1'45)
· Alleluia. Verset 1.Διὰ βρώσεως ἐξήγαγε
Verset 2. Προσκυνῶ σου τὰ παθήματα
Verset 3. Videant pauperes
· Prosule. Tarakto baba arraja (3'02)
· Récitatif. In medio ecclesie aperuit os ejus (2'25)
· Os iusti meditabitur justitiam
Verset 1. Lex dei eius in corde ipsius
Verset 2. Tin dalalan
Verset 3. Ya alima l'aasrar
· Levavi oculos meos in montes (3'16)
· Alleluia
Verset 1. De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
Verset 2. Ya rabi bihim
· In memoria eterna erit justus
Verset 1. Paratum est cor ejus
Verset 2. Dominus regit me (psaume 22)
Verset 3. Homo al l'jibalo
Verset 4. Ya man yara

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