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Kanon Pokajanen (Canon de repentance)

Cappella Amsterdam, Daniel Reuss
1 CD
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    The time of eternity.
    The Kanon Pokajanen (Canon of Repentance), premiered in March 1998, is Arvo Pärt’s most monumental composition. Its prolonged genesis, a meticulous process of assimilation of the text in Church Slavonic, the austerity and subtlety of its style embody the same sincerity, the same spiritual and contemplative radiance as icon painting. A dialogue with the Sacred in which time stands still.

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    ARVO PÄRT [1935-]
    · Ode I (7'19)
    · Ode III (11'22)
    · Ode IV (6'49)
    · Ode VI (8'11)
    · Kontakion (2'25)
    · Ikos (2'39)
    · Ode VIII (4'28)
    · Ode IX (6'16)
    · Prayer after the canon (10'11)

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