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King Arthur, semi-opéra (London 1691)

Deller Consort, The King's Musick, Alfred Deller
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    King Arthur (1691), like Purcell’s other great scores for the stage, belongs to a highly unusual genre: it is neither a play nor an opera but a hybrid of the two known as ‘semi-opera’.
    Alfred Deller’s legendary 1978 recording is one of the benchmark interpretations which introduced music-lovers to Purcell’s masterpiece.

    This title was released for the first time in 1979.

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    HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
    Opéra en 5 actes
    Texte de John Dryden

    · Overture - Air - Overture (5'10)
    · Act I, sc. 2
    Bass Woden, first to thee
    Chorus Brave Souls
    Counter-tenor I call ye all (10'26)
    · Tenor and Chorus Come if you dare (5'44)
    · Act II
    Philidel Hither this way bend
    Grimbald Let not a Moon-born Elf
    Philidel Hither this way
    Come follow me
    · 1 Shepherd How blest are Shepherds
    2 Shepherd Shepherd, leave Decoying
    Hornpipe (9'49)
    · Act III, sc. 2
    Prelude. Cupid What ho (1'43)
    · Genius What Power art thou
    Cupid Thou Doting Fool forbear
    Prelude. Chorus See, see (9'50)
    · Cupid Tis I, that have warm'd ye
    Cupid & Genius Sound a Parley
    Air (8'07)

    Opéra en 5 actes
    Texte de John Dryden

    · Act IV, sc. 2
    2 Syrens Two Daughters (1'50)
    · Alto How happy the Lover
    Fourth Act Tune (7'42)
    · Act V, sc. 2
    Trumpet Tune
    Aeolus Ye Blust'ring Brethren (3'25)
    · Symphony
    Song Tune. Nereid & Pan Round thy Coasts
    Alto, Tenor & Bass For Folded Flocks (7'07)
    · Song Tune Your Hay (2'40)
    · Venus Fairest Isle (3'37)
    · Soprano You say
    Bass 'Tis not my passion
    Bass But one soft Moment (4'57)
    · Trumpet Tune
    Honour St. George (4'28)
    · Chaconne (3'40)
    'The Masque' from

    Texte de Thomas Shadwell

    · Overture - Air - Overture (4'24)
    · Duet Hark
    Solo Love in their little veins
    Trio But ah!
    Solo Hence with your trifling deity (6'48)
    · Cupid Come all
    Chorus Who can resist
    Bacchus Return, revolting rebels! (4'52)
    · Solo The cares of lovers
    Solo Love quickly is palled
    Duet, Chorus Come, let us agree (4'07)

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