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L'Arlésienne (orchestral suites). Symphonie in C major

Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons
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    A Classical symphony and a modern tragedy.
    Written by a 17-year old composer, the totally classical Symphony in C major 'sounds... as if there had not been hundreds written before it. That is the miracle of youth!', Jean Roy wrote about this delicious, perfectly balanced work whose themes are as reminiscent of Mozart as they are of Rossini. Twenty years later, Bizet came to grips with Alphonse Daudet's famous play, L'Arlésienne. The orchestral incidental music he wrote for it suggests with extraordinarily subtle dramatic pertinence the exotic, sun-drenched light of Provence, while, at the same time, depicting the characters of the tragedy who, thanks to his music, have since become familiar throughout the world.
    This title was released for the first time in 2000.

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    GEORGES BIZET [1838-1875] L'Arlésienne Suite d'orchestre n°1 · Ouverture (6'39) · Minuetto (3'09) · Adagietto (3'05) · Carillon (4'10) L'Arlésienne Suite d'orchestre n°2 · Pastorale (5'49) · Intermezzo (4'16) · Menuetto (3'55) · Farandole (3'22) Symphonie en Ut majeur C major/ C-dur · Allegro vivo (8'30) · Adagio (10'31) · Allegro vivace - Trio (4'56) · Allegro vivace (6'25)

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