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Les Noces. Mass. Cantata

RIAS Kammerchor, MusikFabrik, Daniel Reuss
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    Milestones of 20th-century music.
    The extraordinary rhythmic power of Les Noces is in many respects descended from The Rite of Spring. Yet it took Stravinsky more than ten years to complete this supreme masterpiece, which turned its back on orchestral hyperinflation to pioneer a new approach to timbre and musical time. An approach that was constantly renewed in his subsequent career, whatever the language employed – as can be seen in the Mass of 1948 and the Cantata of 1952. A tribute to Stravinsky at his finest from the combined talents of the RIAS Kammerchor and MusikFabrik.
    This title was released for the first time in 2006.

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    IGOR STRAVINSKY [1882-1971]
    Les Noces
    · Première partie
    Premier tableau : Chez la mariée / Scene 1: The Bride's chamber (5'09)
    · Deuxième tableau : Chez le marié / Scene 2: At the Bridegroom's (5'45)
    · Troisième tableau : Le départ de la mariée / Scene 3: The Bride's departure (3'00)
    · Deuxième partie / Part 2
    Quatrième tableau : Le repas de noces / Scene 4: The wedding feast (10'29)
    Messe / Mass
    · Kyrie (2'29)
    · Gloria (3'43)
    · Credo (4'27)
    · Sanctus (3'39)
    · Agnus Dei (3'12)
    Cantate / Cantata
    · I. A lyke-wake dirge. Versus 1. Prelude - This ae nighte (1'43)
    · II. Ricercar I. The maidens came (3'50)
    · III. A lyke-wake dirge. Versus 2. First interlude - If ever you gav'st hos'n and shoon (1'42)
    · IV. Ricercar II. Sacred History. To-morrow shall be my dancing day (10'36)
    · V. A lyke-wake dirge. Versus 3. Second interlude - From Whinnymuir when thou may'st pass (1'40)
    · VI. Westron Wind (2'05)
    · VII. A lyke-wake dirge. Versus 4. Postlude - If ever thou gav'st meat or drink (2'21)

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