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L'Oiseau innumérable, piano concerto. Outre-mémoire. Little Keyboard Book

Alexandre Tharaud, EOP, Andrea Quinn
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    For Thierry Pécou, to live is to travel, and to travel is to write, as if to compose were at once to plunge into another universe, to take affective possession of the space, and, above all, to stand back and choose to live in the margins of one’s everyday cultural milieu. The works presented on this CD bear witness to a constantly renewed artistic standpoint; they have been entrusted here to the expert fingers of another great traveller . . .

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    THIERRY PÉCOU [1965-] L'Oiseau innumérable concerto pour piano et orchestre (2006) · I. Premier mouvement (7'39) · II. Deuxième mouvement (3'37) · III. Troisième mouvement (5'23) · IV. Quatrième mouvement (3'28) Outre-mémoire, variances (2004)· I. (0'31) · II. (3'18) · III. (8'16) · IV. (1'45) · V. (4'34) · VI. (0'47) · VII. (5'10) Petit Livre pour clavier (1995)· Ricercare I (1'42) · Volutes (2'07) · Coucous (2'20) · Ricercare II (2'49) · Ondes (2'58) · Après Rameau, une sarabande ? (2001) (3'47) JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU [1683-1764] · Sarabande (extrait des Nouvelles Suites, 1728) (3'05)

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