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Mass in B minor

Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel
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    Performance with solo voices, which has become the trademark of Cantus Cölln, should not be seen as a dogmatic position in this version of the B minor Mass, but as an alternative style of interpretation. It allows the often extremely complicated contrapuntal web of Bach’s polyphonic style to be presented with great clarity. Hence it becomes possible to hear interrelations that are usually drowned in generalised sonic exhilaration. In such movements as the ‘Et incarnates’ and the ‘Crucifixus’ the personal emotional statement becomes much more individual and striking. What is more, the altered performing conditions result in new, unexpected and surprising balances and sonorities.

    This title was released for the first time in 2003.

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    • Cantus Cölln
    • Konrad Junghänel


    JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH [1685-1750] Messe en si mineur BWV 232 Mass in B minor h-moll-Messe · Kyrie Kyrie eleison SSATB x2 / SSATB (9'32) · Christe eleison SS (5'07) · Kyrie eleison 2 SATB (2'55) · Gloria Gloria in excelsis Deo SSATB x2 (1'34) · Et in terra pax SSATB x2 (4'45) · Laudamus te S (4'07) · Gratias agimus tibi 2 SATB x 2 (2'01) · Domine Deus ST (5'51) · Qui tollis peccata mundi SATB (2'44) · Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris A (4'42) · Quoniam tu solus sanctus B (4'39) · Cum Sancto Spirito SSATB x2 (3'45)Messe en si mineur BWV 232 Mass in B minor h-moll-Messe · Symbolum Nicenum Credo in unum Deum SSATB (1'45) · Patrem omnipotentem 2 SSATB x 2 (1'55) · Et in unum Dominum SA (4'17) · Et incarnatus est SSATB (3'06) · Crucifixus SATB (2'59) · Et resurrexit SSATB x2 (3'39) · Et in Spiritum Sanctum Dominum B (4'42) · Confiteor SSATB (4'16) · Et expecto SSATB x2 (2'02) · Sanctus SSAATB (4'18) · Osanna in excelsis SATB / SATB (2'28) · Benedictus T (3'34) · Osanna in excelsis SATB / SATB (2'30) · Agnus Dei A (4'56) · Dona nobis pacem 2S2A2T2B x2 (2'18)

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