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Medieval English Music. Masters of the 14th & 15th centuries

The Hilliard Ensemble
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    Fourteenth-century Europe saw the birth of a new musical art, the Ars Nova. At this time English composers developed their own specific characteristics, summed up in the expression 'la contenance angloise': the famous carols of the fifteenth century were to prove worthy heirs to this style.
    This CD was released for the first time in 1987.

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    • The Hilliard Ensemble


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    Anonymes du XIVe siècle
    · Alleluia: Hic est vere martir (3'52)
    · Singularis laudis digna (5'24)
    · Doleo super te (1'26)
    · Thomas gemma Cantuarie (2'14)
    · Civitas nusquam conditur (2'20)
    · Tu civium primas (2'33)
    · Mater Christi nobilis (1'28)
    · Ite missa est (1'20)
    Anonymes du XVe siècle
    · Alleluia: A newë work (3'40)
    · Anna Mater Matris Christi (5'53)
    · There is no rose (3'38)
    · Tota pulcra es amica mea (3'59)
    · Marvel not, Joseph (8'03)
    · O potores exquisiti (4'10)

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