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Middle Ages

Mozarabic Chant

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
1 CD
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    Mozarabic chant is peculiar to the liturgy of the Iberian Peninsula. It occupies a position of prime importance in the history of Western music side by side with other dialects of the Latin liturgical chant which, consisting of a complete specific repertory, is now known as Gregorian and Ambrosian chant. The chants assembled by Marcel Pérès for this recording were taken from Cisneros’s choir books.

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    Office des lectures
    · I. Invocation sacerdotale d'introduction. Per gloriam nominis tui (2'11)
    · II. Officium. Alleluia, ortus conclusus (5'30)
    · III. Gloria in excelsis Deo (2'46)
    · IV. Benedictus es (7'24)
    · V. Psallendo. Beatus vir (3'21)
    · VI. Evangile. Matthieu 24, 27-35 (9'07)
    · VII. Lauda. Alleluia exultabit justus (3'06)
    · VIII. Preces : Penitentes orate (4'06)
    · IX. Sacrificium. Vox clamantis (4'41)
    Prière eucharistique
    · I. Prêtre. Gratias Dei Patris (1'20)
    · II. Choeur. Pacem meam do vobis (1'50)
    · III. Prêtre. Introibo ad altare Dei (2'37)
    · IV. Préface (4'26)
    · V. Sanctus (1'07)
    · VI. Ad confractionem panis. Qui venit ad me non esuriet (2'34)
    · VII. Prêtre. Humiliate vos ad benedictionem! (0'46)
    · VIII. Ad accedentes. Gustate et videte (2'24)
    · IX. Diacre. Vicit leo de tribu Juda (0'51)
    · X. Lauda. Speravit (4'19)

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