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"Music for Lady Louise": rustick, soft, mourning arias and mad songs by Blow, Purcell, Locke, Lully

Ensemble Leviathan, Lucile Tessier
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Louise de Penancoët de Keroualle (Lady Louise), a spy in the pay of Louis XIV, was the mistress of Charles II. Charged with keeping England under the influence of the Sun King, she forged close links between musicians on either side of the Channel. These political intentions generated a repertory as rich and brilliant as it was expressive. It is a genuine rediscovery that we owe to Ensemble Leviathan and Lucile Tessier.

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  • Ensemble Leviathan
  • Lucile Tessier
  • Eugénie Lefèbvre
  • Davy Cornillot
  • David Witczak



· RUSTICK MUSIC - AIRS CHAMPÊTRESJohn BLOW (1649-1708) · Come shepherds all (Venus and Adonis)  (1'00) Aphra Behn ou Anne KingsmillJean-Baptiste LULLY (1632-1687) ·  Air pour les pêcheurs (Alceste ou le Triomphe d'Alcide, LWV 50)  (1'19) · Que l'on chante (Atys, LWV 53)  (1'34) Philippe Quinault, d'après Ovide · Bourrée (Le Grand Divertissement Royal de Versailles, LWV 38)  (1'28)Matthew LOCKE (ca. 1621-1677) · Lilk (The Tempest)  (1'19)Henry PURCELL (1659-1695) · Hence with your trifling deity (Timon of Athens, Z. 632)  (1'54) William ShakespeareANONYME · De foolish English nation (The Comical History of Don Quixote)  (1'21) AnonymeJohn BLOW · In these sweet groves (Venus and Adonis)  (1'30)· SOFT MUSIC - AIRS TENDRESJean-Baptiste LULLY · Dormons, dormons tous (Atys, LWV 53)  (7'34) Philippe Quinault, d'après OvideHenry PURCELL · Aire (Bonduca, or the British Heroine, Z. 574)  (2'01) · Hornpipe (Bonduca, or The British Heroine, Z. 574)  (1'21) · Prepare, the rites begin (Theodosius, or The Force of Love, Z. 606)  (1'46) Nathaniel Lee · See, even Night herself is here (The Fairy Queen, Z. 629)  (4'27) Anonyme, d'après William ShakespeareSamuel AKEROYDE (fl. 1684-1706) · A new song sung by a fop newly come from France  (2'29) AnonymeJohn BLOW · Tune for flutes (Venus and Adonis)  (1'59) · Venus! Adonis! (Venus and Adonis)  (1'59) Aphra Behn ou Anne KingsmillMatthew LOCKE · Symphony for the descending of Venus (Psyche)  (1'46)MAD SONGS - AIRS DE FOLIEJean-Baptiste LULLY · Que ces gazons sont verts ! (Roland, LWV 65)  (6'56) Philippe Quinault, d'après Ludovico AriostoMatthew LOCKE · Song of the Devils and the Furies (Psyche)  (2'11) Thomas ShadwellJean-Baptiste LULLY · Air de la fête infernale (Alceste ou le Triomphe d'Alcide, LWV 50)  (1'30)ANONYME · Forth from the dark and dismal cell  (3'52) AnonymeJohn ECCLES (1668-1735) ·  Oh! Take him gently from the pile (Cyrus the Great, or The Tragedy of Love)  (3'17) John Banks· MOURNING SONGS - AIRS FUNÈBRESJean-Baptiste LULLY ·  Ciel ! Quelle vapeur m'environne (Atys, LWV 53)  (2'19) Philippe Quinault, d'après OvideJohn BLOW ·  Hark! How the lark and linnet sing (An Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell) (4'12) John Dryden

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