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Piano Concerto. Lyric Pieces (a selection)

Javier Perianes
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Miniatures and large forms.

The work of a young musician of 25, the celebrated Concerto of Grieg combines the great Romantic tradition (Liszt was one of its most fervent admirers) and Norwegian folk music, with the halling and springdans of its thrilling finale. Yet the composer never wrote another, for he felt more comfortable writing in miniature forms. In 35 years he produced no fewer than 66 Lyric Pieces, every one a gem, from the truculent March of the Trolls to the poetic meditations of Homesickness and Remembrances.

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EDWARD GRIEG [1843-1907]
Piano Concerto op.16 in A minor / la mineur / a-Moll
· I. Allegro molto moderato (13'40)
· II. Adagio (6'47)
· III. Allegro moderato molto e marcato (10'21)
Lyric Pieces / Pièces lyriques / Lyrische Stücke
· Arietta op.12/1. Poco andante e sostenuto (1'26)
· Kanon op.38/8. Allegretto con moto (5'00)
· Sommerfugl (Butterfly / Papillon) op.43/1. Allegro grazioso (1'54)
· Ensom vandrer (Solitary traveller / Voyageur solitaire) op.43/2. Allegretto semplice (2'20)
· Melodi (Melody / Mélodie) op.47/3. Allegretto (3'39)
· Trolltog (March of the trolls / Marche des trolls) op.54/3. Allegro moderato (2'59)
· Notturno (Nocturne) op.54/4. Andante (4'17)
· Hjemve (Homesickness / Le mal du pays) op.57/6. Andante (4'33)
· For dine födder (At your feet / À tes pieds) op.68/3. Poco andante e molto espressivo (3'03)
· Badnlat (At the cradle / Au berceau) op.68/5. Allegretto tranquillamente (3'27)
· Det var engang (Once upon a time / Il y avait une fois) op.71/1. Andante con moto - Allegro brioso (4'36)
· Efterklang (Remembrance / Souvenirs) op.71/7. Tempo di valse (1'52)

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