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Piano Concerto in G. Miroirs. Le Tombeau de Couperin. Alborada del gracioso

Javier Perianes, Orchestre de Paris, Josep Pons
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As if in a mirror, this recording juxtaposes the original piano versions of two of Ravel’s masterpieces (Le Tombeau de Couperin and Alborada del gracioso) with their respective orchestrations. The Concerto in G major combines the two facets, both when the piano is integrated into the overall sound and when it plays its role as a soloist. The subtle playing of Javier Perianes and the refined sonorities of the Orchestre de Paris, conducted by Josep Pons, also remind us that Spain was the most significant source of inspiration in Ravel’s output.

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MAURICE RAVEL [1875-1937]
· Miroirs, M. 43
IV. Alborada del gracioso (orchestra version) (7'51)
Le Tombeau de Couperin, M. 68
· I. Prélude. Vif (Piano version) (3'20)
· II. Fugue. Allegro moderato (Piano version) (3'35)
· III. Forlane. Allegretto (Piano version) (6'06)
· IV. Rigaudon. Assez vif (Piano version) (3'13)
· V. Menuet. Allegro moderato (Piano version) (5'11)
· VI. Toccata. Vif (Piano version) (4'27)
Piano Concerto, M. 83
G Major / Sol majeur / G-Dur

· I. Allegramente (9'05)
· II. Adagio assai (9'01)
· III. Presto (4'14)
Le Tombeau de Couperin, M. 68a
· I. Prélude. Vif (Orchestral Suite) (3'21)
· II. Forlane. Allegretto (Orchestral Suite) (6'23)
· III. Menuet. Allegro moderato (Orchestral Suite) (4'43)
· VI. Rigaudon. Assez vif (Orchestral Suite) (3'17)
· Miroirs, M. 43
IV. Alborada del gracioso (Piano version) (7'09)

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