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Piano Quintet, Seven Romances

Trio Wanderer, Christophe Gaugué, Ekaterina Sementchuk
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When Shostakovich wrote his Piano Quintet in 1940, most of his chamber music had yet to be composed. Combining formal purity and freedom of tone, the quintet was hailed as a masterly creation and has remained his most successful chamber work. In the last years of a long and productive life, he composed a cycle of songs with piano trio, innovative in both form and structure, a hymn to art, friendship and nature possessing extraordinary evocative power. To tackle these major works of the twentieth century, the Trio Wanderer has chosen partners of the calibre of Catherine Montier, Christophe Gaugué, and an expert in Russian vocal music, Ekaterina Semenchuk.

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  • Christophe Gaugué
  • Ekatarina Semenchuk
  • Catherine Montier


Piano Quintet in G minor op.57(1940)
Sol mineur/g-Moll

· I. Prélude. Lento (4'14)
· II. Fugue. Adagio (10'12)
· III. Scherzo. Allegretto (3'21)
· IV. Intermezzo. Lento (6'39)
· V. Finale. Allegretto
Seven Romances on Poems by Alexander Blok op.127 (1967)
Vocal-instrumental suite for soprano, piano, violin and cello
Sept romances sur des poèmes de / Sieben Romanzen-Suite nach Gedichten von Alexander Blok

· 1. Ophelia's Song
Chant d'Ophélie / Lied der Ophelia (2'52)
· 2. Gamayun, the Prophet Bird
Gamayoun, l'Oiseau prophète / Gamajun, der Prophetenvogel (3'41)
· 3. We were together
Nous étions ensemble / Wir waren zusammen (3'00)
· 4. The town sleeps
La ville dort / Die Stadt schläft (3'01)
· 5. The storm
La tempête / Der Sturm (2'06)
· 6. Secret signs
Signes secrets / Geheime Zeichen (4'31)
· 7. Music
Musique / Musik (5'50)

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