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Plainchant from the Auxerre manuscript (13th Cent.)

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
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Liturgies of the French Church.
In the 13th century the diocese of Auxerre possessed a totally different repertory from that of Rome, both in its text and its music. It represents one of the most perfect examples of the Gallican tradition – the spiritual, liturgical and artistic movement which strove to affirm the specific nature of the traditions of the Church of France ‘against’ the Roman rites and traditions.

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In festo Joannis apostoli et evangelisti
· Introitus. Introibo in potentias Domini (4'24)
· Graduale. Amantissimus Domini (3'52)
· Alleluia . Sapientia denudabit (3'10)
· Offertorium. O Domine (3'39)
· Communio. Quod audivimus (4'30)
· Dominica palmarum. Duxerunt pullum ad Jesum (3'31)
· Responsorium. Stephanum virum plenum fide (5'52)
In gratiarum actione post collectos terrae fructus. Processio
· Antiphona in choro. Confiteantur tibi populi. Oratio. Famulos tuos (2'25)
· II. Antiphona ad eggressum chori. Benedic anima mea Domino (4'30)
· III. Responsorium in navi. Praecinite Domino in confessione (3'51)
· I. Introitus. Oculi omnium in te sperant Domine (4'37)
· Graduale. Confitemini Domino Dominorum (4'19)
· Alleluia. Quam magnificata sunt (3'39)
· Offertorium. Hae sunt feriae Domini (2'38)
· Communio. Implebuntur areae frumento (3'40)
· Antiphone. Miserationum Domini recordabor (4'30)

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