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"Poetical Humors". Transcriptions for viola da gamba and accordion in 16th and 17th century England.

Les inAttendus (Marianne Muller, Vincent Lhermet)
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    Unexpected? The pairing of viola da gamba and accordion is certainly that! But perhaps even more surprising is how well the singing strings of the veteran instrument harmonize with the subtly-vibrating reeds of the centuries-younger newcomer. Also unexpected is this cross-generational meeting of two musicians (what are the odds?), who found each other exploring the ‘poetical humours’ of early-seventeenth-century England. Recently reunited in the recording studio after several seasons of rapturously received recitals, with this well-timed album the duo Les inAttendus makes its first entry into the harmonia mundi catalogue.

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    TOBIAS HUME [1579-1645]
    · What greater grief (2'15)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Shall I sue, shall I seek for grace? (4'20)
    ORLANDO GIBBONS [1583-1625]
    · Galliard a 3 (1'21)
    MICHAEL EAST [c.1580-1648]
    · And I as well as Thou (2'04)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Flow, my tears, fall from your springs (4'35)
    · Can she excuse my wrongs (1'15)
    THIERRY TIDROW [1986-]
    · Into something rich and strange (9'36)
    JOHN BULL [1562-63-1628]
    · Goodnighte (3'41)
    · Myself (2'54)
    TOBIAS HUME [1579-1645]
    · Sweete Musicke (5'12)
    · Touch me sweetely (2'00)
    ORLANDO GIBBONS [1583-1625]
    · Fantasia (5'18)
    TOBIAS HUME [1579-1645]
    · Captain Humes Pavan (5'15)
    · Lully Lullay (8'12)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · In darkness let me dwell (4'19)

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