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Polyphonic songs

E Voce di u Cumune
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    The study of traditional song is of capital importance for a proper understanding of the musical universe of the past; yet this recording, made in 1986 and today regarded as a benchmark, is not ‘ethnological’. On the contrary, Marcel Pérès chose Corsican singers capable of drawing on their island’s musical heritage as rich, living material open to all kinds of experiments, not as a rigid, museum-bound object. The resulting sound is all the more captivating.

    This title was released for the first time in 1987.

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    · Lettera a Mamma (4'38)
    · Terzini Guagnesi (2'54)
    · Ecco bella (3'23)
    · Versu balaninu (3'27)
    · Sette galere (5'12)
    · Ponte novu (3'05)
    · U primo fiore (2'28)
    · Asperges me (1'56)
    · Kyrie (12'23)
    · Sanctus (5'56)
    · Agnus Dei (3'59)
    · Salmu (4'02)
    · Lode di u sepolcru (5'13)

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