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Lieder, vol.1 : Sehnsucht

Matthias Goerne, Elisabeth Leonskaja
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    This recording is the first volume of the Matthias Goerne Schubert Edition, an extensive selection of lieder accompanied by distinguished pianists, with booklet notes by Christophe Ghristi: ‘Schubert, in his lieder, recalls us to our condition as short-lived wanderers. A solitary voice sings of its torments and desires, accompanied only by that equally solitary instrument, the eminently self-sufficient piano. Here is no theatre but the echo, at last perceptible, of our inner depths, where silence reigns, where all is grave and nothing lies to us.’

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    · Fahrt zum Hades D.526 (4'49) · Freiwilliges Versinken D.700 (3'44) · Das Weinen D.926 (4'21) · Des Fischers Liebesglück D.933 (7'16) · Der Winterabend D.938 (7'01) · Memnon D.541 (4'11) · Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren D.360 (3'00) · Der Schiffer D.536 (1'54) · Sehnsucht D.636 (4'10) · Der Jüngling am Bache D.638 (4'53) · An Emma D.113 (2'37) · Der Pilgrim D.794 (4'32) · Gruppe aus dem Tartarus D.583 (3'24) · Hoffnung D.295 (1'30) · Grenzen der Menschenheit D.716 (7'35)

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