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Sonata for celo & piano. With Liszt, works for cello and piano

Emmanuelle Bertrand, Pascal Amoyel
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    Transcendental virtuosity.
    The names of those two illustrious nineteenth-century pianists, Charles-Valentin Alkan and Franz Liszt, are generally associated with a style founded on transcendental virtuosity. Yet both the late works of Liszt, with their funereal and elegiac character, and the splendid Cello Sonata op.47 that Alkan wrote in the middle years of the century, reflect a shared ideal of purified expression and a poetic vision of instrumental music. Chamber music came to be the favoured vehicle for the manifestation of meditative, spiritual and experimental tendencies in the two artists, both of whom possessed a high degree of literary, musical and religious culture.

    This title was released for the first time in 2001.

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    FRANZ LISZT [1811-1886] · [Première] Elégie pour violoncelle et piano S.130 (1874) Andante (6'42) · Romance oubliée pour violoncelle et piano S.132 (1880) Andante, malinconico (3'36)CHARLES-VALENTIN ALKAN [1813-1888] · Sonate de concert op.47 pour piano et violoncelle en Mi majeur I. Allegro molto (10'29) · II. Allegrettino (7'06) · III. Adagio (9'52) · IV. Finale alla saltarella. Prestissimo (5'59)FRANZ LISZT · La Lugubre Gondole ["Troisième Elégie"] pour violoncelle et piano S.134 (1882-85) Andante mesto, non troppo lento (9'34) · Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth pour violoncelle et piano S.382 (c. 1883) Andantino [transcription de la mélodie éponyme] (5'46) · Deuxième Elégie pour violoncelle et piano S.131 (1877) Quasi Andante (5'55)

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