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Sonatas for viola da gamba and obligato harpsichord BWV 1027-29

Paolo Pandolfo, Rinaldo Alessandrini
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    A challenge to the virtuoso.
    While they belong to the German tradition, in these sonatas Bach invented a curious division of the parts in which the viola da gamba lies midway between the bass and the principle voice (the treble) of the harpsichord. This particularity in the writing and their exceptional ingenuity place these works among the great masterpieces in the viola da gamba repertoire, both fascinating and terrifying to performers…

    This title was released for the first time in 1995.

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    • Paolo Pandolfo
      Viola da gamba


    Sonate BWV 1027
    en Sol majeur / G major / G-dur

    · Adagio (4'34)
    · Allegro non tanto (3'36)
    · Andante (2'37)
    · Allegro moderato (2'56)
    Sonate BWV 1028
    en Ré majeur / D major / D-dur

    · [Adagio] (1'59)
    · [Allegro] (3'31)
    · Andante (4'32)
    · Allegro (3'53)
    Sonate BWV 1029
    en sol mineur / G minor / g-moll

    · Vivace (5'21)
    · Adagio (6'24)
    · Allegro (3'38)
    Suite pour viole de gambe seule
    en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll
    (transcription de la Suite pour violoncelle n°5 BWV 1011 et de la Suite pour luth BWV 995)

    · Prélude (6'09)
    · Allemande (6'00)
    · Courante (2'24)
    · Sarabande (3'48)
    · Gavottes I & II (4'11)
    · Gigue (2'27)

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