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Songs (2005). With songs by Thomas Morley, Thomas Traherne & Kornelius Becker

Robin Blaze, Estonian Phil. Chamber Choir, Talinn Chamber Orch., Paul Hillier
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    Toivo Tulev, one of the principal figures in Estonian music today, contributes to a wide range of styles. His works are deeply influenced by his study of Gregorian chant, that gives them a mystic, incantatory dimension. Paul Hillier directs this world premiere recording.

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    • Robin Blaze
    • Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
    • Talinn Chamber Orchestra


    • Toivo Tulev
    • Kornelius Becker
    • Thomas Traherne
    • Thomas Morley


    TOIVO TULEV SONGS (2005) · By night (3'05) · Where have you hidden, Beloved (2'24) · This life that I live (4'12) · Nigra sum (4'03) · Behold, thou art fair (5'01) · I am come into my garden (2'58) · Reveal, reveal your presence (3'11) · Mira que la dolencia de amor (4'26) KORNELIUS BECKER, after Psalm 23 (5'53) · Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt II (2003) THOMAS TRAHERNE · Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!(2006) (4'57) THOMAS MORLEY [1557-1602] Leave, alas, this tormenting (2005) JOSQUIN DESPREZ (9'47) · Jusquez au printemps (2005) KORNELIUS BECKER · Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt I (1989) (2'55)

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