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Spem in alium / Vidi aquam

ORA Singers, Suzi Digby
1 CD + DVD
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A musical banquet from the Golden Age
This programme brings together a true choral landmark from the sixteenth century, with its present-day reflection, a commission by Sir James MacMillan. These two monumental, large-scale pieces bookend a ‘tasting menu’ of Renaissance works by Byrd, Tallis and many other composers. Common to them all is a link to Nonsuch Palace, arguably the location of the first performance of Spem in alium, and the centre of a rich vein of Tudor musical patronage.
CD+DVD (Live sessions recordings; Bonus Recording a masterpiece & In conversation)
450 years anniversary edition

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THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · The Forty-Part Motet: Spem in alium (9'21) DERRICK GERARDE · O Souverain Pasteur (5'24) ALFONSO FERRABOSCO [1575-1628] · In Monte Oliveti (4'04) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Domine, salva nos (3'06) ANONYMOUS · [Plainchant] Fructum salutiferum (0'28) DERRICK GERARDE · Tua est potentia (3'39) PHILIP VAN WILDER [1500-1553] · Pater Noster (4'08) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · In ieiunio et fletu (4'15) ALFONSO FERRABOSCO [1575-1628] · Decantabat populus Israel (3'04) ANONYMOUS · [Plainchant] Ex altari tuo, Domine (0'30) ALFONSO FERRABOSCO [1575-1628] · Judica me, Domine (7'08) WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623] · Fac cum servo tuo (4'17) THOMAS TALLIS [c.1505-1585] · Derelinquit impius (3'42) PHILIP VAN WILDER [1500-1553] · Vidi civitatem (8'06) JAMES MACMILLAN [1959-] · The Forty-Part Motet: Vidi aquam (9'07)

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