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Symphony No.5

Orchestre National de l'ORTF, Hermann Scherchen
1 CD


An opera for orchestra.
At the centre of his great orchestral works, the Fifth Symphony marks Mahler’s return to a purely orchestral concept. And yet the voice seems implicitly present in a movement like the famous Adagietto, made familiar throughout the world by Visconti’s film Death in Venice. It is a work that measures up to the stature of Hermann Scherchen, one of the legendary conductors of the 20th century.

This title was released for the first time in 1988.

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  • Orchestre National de l’ORTF
  • Hermann Scherchen


GUSTAV MAHLER [1860-1911]
· Trauermarsch. In gemessenem Schritt, streng, wie ein Kondukt (10'51)
· Stürmisch bewegt. Mit größter Vehemenz (13'12)
· Scherzo (Kräftig, nicht zu schnell) (5'35)
· Adagietto (Sehr langsam) (13'07)
· Rondo-Finale (Allegro) (10'20)

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