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El sombrero de tres picos. Noches en los jardines de Espana.

Josep Colom, Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Josep Pons
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    Two facets of musical Andalusia
    On a first hearing there seems to be a world of difference between the strongly 'Debussyan' impressionism of the famous Nights in the Gardens of Spain and the no less celebrated Three-cornered Hat, the colourful farce written for the Ballets Russes. But the inexhaustible dramatic and stylistic wealth of Manuel de Falla's genius is not the only common denominator of these masterpieces of Spanish music: both of them exhale the same softness, the same fragrances that suffuse the Andalusian night... Invitation to a journey!

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    • Josep Colom
    • Orquesta Ciudad de Granada
    • Conductor


    MANUEL DE FALLA [1876-1946]
    El Sombrero de tres picos (1919)
    Le Tricorne / The Three-cornered Hat / Der Dreispitz

    · Primera Suite
    Introduction (1'24)
    · La tarde (6'14)
    · Fandango (Danza de la Molinera) (2'25)
    · El Corregidor (5'26)
    · Segunda Suite
    Seguidillas (Danza de los vecinos) (3'56)
    · Farruca (Danza del Molinero) (3'07)
    · Allegretto (1'49)
    · Las coplas del cuco (2'54)
    · Minué (Danza del Corregidor) (1'45)
    · Allegro (5'12)
    · Danza final. Jota (5'49)
    Noches en los jardines de España (1916)
    Nuits dans les jardins d'Espagne
    Nights in the Gardens of Spain
    Nächte in spanischen Gärten

    · En el Generalife (10'48)
    · Danza lejana (5'24)
    · En los jardines de la sierra de Córdoba (8'49)

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