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Middle Ages

"The Cherry Tree". Songs, Carols & Ballads for Christmas

Anonymous 4

Excerpt:The Cherry Tree. Christmas. Track no.2

Anonymous 4 brings us the Christmas story as told in medieval English carols and Anglo-American spiritual songs in a programme inspired by the 15th-century miracle ballad The Cherry Tree Carol, which flourishes both in the British Isles and in America.

“Four voices blending perfectly in vowel color, tone and intonation” The Washington Post (concert review).

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  • Anonymous


· Prose : Prophetarum presignata - Irish, 14th C. (1'30)
· Carol: Nowel syng we bothe al and som - English, 15th C. (3'00)
· Carol: Alma redemptoris mater - English, 15th C. (4'02)
· Folk hymn: The Shepherd's Star - American, Southern Harmony, 1835 (2'22)
· Ballad carol: Newell - Tydings trew - English, 15th C. (3'58)
· Carol: Mervele noght Iosep - English, 15th C. (6'19)
· Carol: Synge we to this mery cumpane - English, 15th C. (3'16)
· Song: Qui creavit celum ("Song of the Nuns of Chester") - English, 15th C. Carol: A Virgin Unspotted - William Knapp (English, 1798-1868) (4'21)
· Carol: A Virgin Unspotted - William Knapp (English, 1798-1868)
American version, Wyeth's Repository of Music, Part Second, 1813 (2'35)
· Carol: Now may we syngyn - English, 15th C. (2'46)
· Ballad carol: Lullay my child - This ender nithgt - English, 15th C. (3'47)
· Folk hymn: Star in the East - American, Southern Harmony, 1835 (3'15)
· Carol: Veni redemptor gencium - English, 15th C. (5'30)
· Carol ballad: The Cherry Tree Carol - English, 15th C.; this version, Kentucky, 1917 (3'11)
· Prose: Salve mater misericordie - Irish, 14th C. (1'31)
· Carol: Hail mary ful of grace - English, 15th C. (4'28)
· Fuging tune: Bethlehem - William Billings (American, 1746-1800) (2'50)

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