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The Indian Queen [vinyl]

Deller Consort, King Consort, Alfred Deller
2 Vinyl

In quest of the (Baroque) Indies.
The subject, synonymous with exoticism in Europe in the Golden Age, pits Aztecs against Incas on the stage: Purcell died before finishing the music, but what he left to accompany this staged entertainment is nonetheless a swan-song of exceptional beauty.

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HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
The Indian Queen, Z. 630
· Overture (4'26)
· Prologue (4'48)
· Acte I
Wake, Quivera, wake (Boy) (9'31)
· Acte II
Symphony (4'31)
· I come to sing (Fame and chorus) (1'42)
· What flattering noise (Envy and two followers) (3'10)
· Begone (Fame) (1'59)
· Acte III
Symphony (0'57)
· Ye twice ten hundred deities (Ismeron) (5'04)
· Seek not to know (God of dreams) (4'16)

The Indian Queen, Z. 630
· Trumpet overture (2'42)
· Ah! how happy we are. We the spirits of the air (Aerial spirits) (4'00)
· I attempt to love's sickness (Aerial spirits) (1'48)
· We the spirits of the air (Aerial spirits) (3'16)
· Acte IV
They tell us (Ozaria) (3'32)
· Acte V
While thus (Chorus) (5'04)
Timon of Athens, Z. 632
· Overture (4'31)
· "Hark! how the songsters of the grove" (6'50)
· "Come all, come all to me" (4'56)
· "The care of lovers" (4'09)

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