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Middle Ages

The Play of the Pilgrimage to Emmaus, A Medieval Drama

Ensemble Organum, Marcel Pérès
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    The Play of the Pilgrimage to Emmaus is a typical example of the liturgical drama of the High Middle Ages. As much by its musical quality as by its dramatic and spiritual richness, this piece brings us back to mind this too little-known period when the medieval man wanted to see, hear and touch the mystical realities.
    This title was released for the first time in 1990.

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    · Procession d'entrée des Vêpres de Pâques
    Kyrie (4'55)
    · Procession aux fonts baptismaux
    Psaume Laudate pueri (2'55)
    · Repons Haec dies (4'36)
    · Hymne Jesu nostra redemptio (2'30)
    · Officium peregrinorum
    Dialogue des deux pèlerins (9'06)
    · Antienne Ego sum Alpha et Omega (1'51)
    · Antienne Sedit angelus (4'03)
    · Dialogue de l'ange avec Marie-Madeleine (2'08)
    · Prose Victimae paschali laudes (1'52)
    · Alleluia Surrexit Dominus (4'34)
    · Apparition du Christ à Thomas (3'23)
    · Antienne Ego sum Alpha et Omega (2'01)
    · Retour au choeur
    Psaume In exitu Israel (5'10)
    · Oraison. Antienne Lux perpetua (1'44)
    · Benedicamus Domino (2'30)
    · Antienne de procession Christus ressurgens (5'04)

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