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"Il mondo al rovescio" (the world upside down) : Concerti per multi stromenti

Gli Incogniti, Amandine Beyer
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A world turned upside down
Vivaldi’s concerti con molti istromenti are true precursors of the symphony in their amplitude and audacity. In these pieces, the ‘Red-haired Priest’, a creator of boundless imagination, amused himself by devising literally unheard-of combinations of timbres. In the famous concerto Il Mondo al rovescio (The world upside down), he invited flutes, oboes and harpsichord to double violin and cello in a colourful whirlwind of parallel octaves. This recording by Amandine Beyer and Gli Incogniti provides an opportunity to discover these incredibly modern compositions.

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Concerto in D major "Per la Solennità di S. Lorenzo" RV 562
Ré majeur/D-Dur

· I. Andante - Allegro (5'06)
· II. Grave (2'51)
· III. Allegro (6'21)
Flute Concerto in E minor RV 432
Mi mineur/e-Moll

· I. Allegro (2'40)
· II. Grave sopra il Libro (2'08)
Concerto in C major "Per la Solennità di S.Lorenzo" RV 556
Do majeur/C-Dur
I.Largo - Allegro molto

· I. Largo - Allegro molto (4'55)
· II. Largo e cantabile (2'51)
· III. [Allegro] (4'03)
Concerto in F major RV 571
Fa majeur/F-Dur

· I. Allegro (4'03)
· II. Largo (2'24)
· III. Allegro (3'42)
Concerto for Violin and Oboe in G minor RV 576
Sol mineur/g-Moll

· I. [Allegro] (3'53)
· II. Larghetto (2'06)
· III. Allegro (3'32)
Violin Concerto in A major RV 344
La majeur/A-Dur

· I. Allegro (4'25)
· II. Largo (1'50)
· III. Allegro (4'11)
Concerto for 2 Oboes in A minor RV 536
La mineur/a-Moll

· I. [Allegro] (2'29)
· II. Largo (1'52)
· III. Allegro (1'34)
Concerto in F major "Il Proteo ò sia Il Mondo al rovescio" RV 572
Fa majeur/F-Dur

· I. Allegro (3'51)
· II. Largo (2'28)
· III. Allegro (3'08)


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