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Trios Sonatas

London Baroque
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    The excellent sonatas of the 'Corelli françois'.
    So great was the success of Corelli's Trio Sonatas in theearly 18th century that all the composers in Paris set themselves to'writing sonatas in the Italian manner'. (S. de Brossard). Around 1730these little 'pièces de symphonie by Leclair were all the rage at the Concert Spirituel, as is borne out by the particularly laudatory articles in the Mercure de France devotedto this 'excellente musique'. The French and the Italian manners arehere combined in a thoroughly Baroque confusion: church sonatas, orchamber music?

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    • London Baroque
    • Charles Medlam


    JEAN-MARIE LECLAIR [1697-1764]
    Trio Sonata I in D minor
    · Adagio (2'33)
    · Allegro ma non tropo [sic] (2'31)
    · Largo (1'59)
    · Allegro (2'04)
    Trio Sonata II in B flat major
    · Adagio (2'33)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'24)
    · Cantabile. Largo (3'05)
    · Allegro [assai] (2'06)
    Trio Sonata III in D minor
    · Adagio (1'35)
    · Allegro (1'59)
    · Aria. Allegro ma poco (4'04)
    · Largo. Sarabanda (2'34)
    · Allegro (2'59)
    Trio Sonata IV in F major
    · Largo (2'07)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (3'29)
    · Aria. Andante ma non tropo (3'33)
    · Presto (1'38)
    Trio Sonata V in G minor
    · Andante (2'33)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'46)
    · Aria. Gratioso (5'16)
    · Giga. Allegro ma non tropo (2'25)
    Trio Sonata VI in A major
    · Adagio (1'53)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'32)
    · Gavotta. Gratioso. Un poco andante (3'50)
    · Vivace (2'32)

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