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"Concerto". Venice : the Golden Age (Vivaldi, Marcello, Porta, Tessarini, Uri Rom)

Xenia Löffler, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
1 CD
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    This disc is an invitation to explore one of the great attractions of Venice in the Baroque era, the famous ospedali. Among the inmates of the Pietà was a girl named ‘Pellegrina’, for whom Vivaldi wrote many of his oboe concertos. With her Berlin colleagues, Xenia Löffler breathes new life into these concerti soli, concerti ripieni and sinfonie by the ‘Red-haired Priest’ – but also by his emulators, among them a composer of today, no less fervent in his admiration: Uri Rom.

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    Concerto "L'Olimpiade" in C major for oboe, strings and basso continuo
    Quasi-Pasticcio after Antonio Vivaldi and Carlo Tessarini

    · I. Allegro ma poco (5'01)
    · II. Adagio (5'28)
    · III. Allegro (4'18)
    ANTONIO VIVALDI [1678-1741]
    Concerto in E minor for strings and b.c., RV 134
    · I. Allegro (2'26)
    · II. Andante (1'49)
    · III. Allegro (1'27)
    Concerto in D minor for oboe, strings and b.c.
    · I. Andante e spiccato (3'38)
    · II. Adagio (3'10)
    · III. Presto (2'40)
    Sinfonia in D major for strings, 2 oboes, bassoon and b.c.
    · I. Allegro - Andante - Adagio (3'22)
    · II. Allegro (1'06)
    ANTONIO VIVALDI [1678-1741]
    Concerto in B flat major for violin, oboe, strings and b.c., after RV 364, RV Anh.18
    · I. [Allegro] (2'48)
    · II. Grave (1'27)
    · III. Air (2'13)
    · IV. Allegro (1'40)
    Concerto "per Sua Altezza Reale di Sassonia" in G minor
    "for violino solo, oboe solo, oboe secondo, due flauti, archi e bassi", RV 576

    · I. Allegro (3'58)
    · II. Larghetto (2'17)
    · III. Allegro (3'37)
    Overture in D major from op.4 "La Stravaganza" for strings and b.c.
    · I. Allegro assai (1'47)
    · II. Largo sempre piano (2'27)
    · III. Presto (1'48)
    ANTONIO VIVALDI [1678-1741]
    Concerto in C major for oboe, strings and basso continuo, RV 450
    · I. Allegro molto (4'00)
    · II. Larghetto (3'12)
    · III. Allegro (2'49)

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