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"Music for Queen Caroline" : Te Deum et Anthem du Couronnement, Funeral Anthem

Les Arts Florissants, William Christie
1 CD

Extrait: Vouchsafe O Lord


The King shall rejoice, Coronation anthem HWV 260
· I. The King Shall Rejoice (2'41)
· II. Exceeding Glad Shall He Be (3'09)
· III. Glory And Worship Hast Thou Laid Upon Him (2'15)
· IV. Alleluja (2'29)
Te Deum "Queen Caroline", HWV 280
in D Major / Ré majeur

· I. We Praise thee, O God (2'35)
· II. The glorious Company of the Apostles (3'18)
· III. When thou tookest upom thee (4'13)
· IV. Day by day we magnify you (1'03)
· V. Vouchsafe O Lord (2'56)
· VI. O Lord in thee I have trusted (1'09)
The Ways of Zion Do Mourn "Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline", HWV 264
· I. Symphony (2'07)
· II. The ways of Zion do mourn (6'20)
· III. How are the mighty fall n (1'38)
· IV. She put on righteousness (2'54)
· V. When The Ear Heard Her (4'07)
· VI. How Are The Migthy Fall'n! (Choeur 2) (0'52)
· VII. She Deliver'd The Poor That Cried (7'08)
· VIII. How Are The Migthy Fall'n! (Choeur 3) (0'54)
· IX. The Righteous Shall Be Had (3'25)
· X. Their Bodies Are Buried In Peace (5'38)
· XI. The People Will Tell Of Their Wisdom (2'06)
· XII. They Shall Receive A Glorious Kingdom (4'02)
· XIII. The Merciful Goodness Of The Lord (4'50)

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