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"[Ex]tradition": an der Schnittstelle von gelehrter und traditioneller Musik aus Irland und Schottland

The Curious Bards
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A disc at the intersection of the art music and traditional repertories of Ireland and Scotland, performed by five instrumentalists trained in the Early Music departments of the prestigious conservatories of Lyon, Basel and Paris. Here are modern-day bards, passionately following a path based on primary research and giving pride of place to innovation and creation.
The harmonia#nova series is conceived to offer young artists singled out for their exceptional talents a technical, editorial and promotional showcase that lives up to the high standards of harmonia mundi’s classical productions. While those standards remain identical across a very wide range of repertories, the recording philosophy governing this series is rather different, since it is produced above all by the musicians themselves. Welcome!

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  • Anonymous
  • O'Carolan


ANONYMOUS · A Set of 3 Scottish Airs The Lads of Elgin (reel) The Highlandman kissed his mother (reel) The Fyket (reel) (2'45) · A Set of 3 Irish Airs Sr. Ulick Burk (reel) The Soup of Good Drink (jig) The High Road to Dublin (jig) (4'29) · Rakes of Westmeath (Irish tune with variations) (2'24) · Since sounding drums (Irish Air) (3'48) · Highland Battle The March -They Mend their Pace - The Battle Begins The Height of the Battle - The Preparation for a Retreat The Chief is Killed - The Retreat - The Lamentation for the Chief (8'26) · A Set of 3 Airs from Ireland & Scotland Lady Herriot Hopes (reel) Sir Adam Ferguson's reel (or Lads of Laois) Bonny Lads (reel) (2'50) O'CAROLAN · A Set of 2 Irish Airs John Nugent (jig) Bumper Squire Jones (jig) (4'15) ANONYMOUS · The Duel Rakes of Mallow (Irish tune with variations) Reel of Tulloch (Scottish tune with variations) (5'14) · A Set of 3 Irish Airs Mary O'Neill (jiig) - The Lads of Dunse (jig) Port Patrick (jig) (4'46) · Kilkenny is a handsome place (Irish song) (4'01) · A Set of 3 Airs from Ireland & Scotland Raddire en Ougnish - Marquis of Huntly's strathspey Mr Jo Reid's reel (4'33) · King of the Blind (4'42) · A Set of 3 Scottish Airs Miss Loraine of Kirkharles (reel) Fight about the Fire side (reel) Lochailis away to France (reel) (3'12) · Lady Anne Bothwell's lament (Scottish song) (5'14)

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