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Englische Renaissance


Alfred Deller & Mark Deller, Desmond Dupré
    • Apple Music

    At a time when we are going farther and farther afield in the quest for new musical experiences, it is good to know that a source of popular music existed in England that sufficed to beguile every phase of life, to enrich the experience of serious composers through whom it influenced all of Europe, and that even today many of the tunes at the top of the Hit Parade are heavily indebted to it.
    This title was released for the first time in 1972.

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    • Countertenor
    • Mark Deller
    • Desmond Dupré


    • Anonymous
    • Thomas Morley
    • Robert Jones


    ANONYMOUS · The three ravens (2'50) · Black is the colour of my true love's hair (1'52) THOMAS MORLEY [1557-1602] · Sweet nymph, come to thy lover (1'40) · I go before my darling (1'23) ANONYMOUS · The oak and the ash (3'07) · Barbara Allen (2'30) · Lord Rendall (4'02) · The water is wide (2'31) · The tailor and the mouse (1'29) · Down by the sally gardens (2'17) · I will give my love an apple (1'44) THOMAS MORLEY [1557-1602] · Miraculous Love's wounding (2'53) ROBERT JONES [-1615] · Sweet Kate (1'33) ANONYMOUS · Bushes and briars (2'32) · The foggy dew (2'06) · She moved through the fair (3'37) · Evening Prayer (1'01)

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