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Funeral Sentences. Te Deum. Anthems

Collegium Vocale Gent, Philippe Herreweghe
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    ‘While Herreweghe’s choir employs women for the treble parts, the ensemble is so expertly trained that their sound comes very close to the characteristic English choir of men and boys. Only a small number of instruments and voices is used, and this, in conjunction with a sensitive approach to style, produces performances of superior beauty and taste. Extensive care has been lavished on both clarity and precision of English diction, and outstanding choral intonation makes the clash of Purcell’s crossrelations and his dissonant chromaticism singularly effective. The singing by the soloists is consistently beautiful.’ – American Record Guide
    Camerata Obscura is harmonia mundi’s first collection aimed at exploring the connection between photography and music. In collaboration with the National School of Photography in Arles, a foursome of young artists was invited to take a fresh look at several key works of the Baroque repertoire, which are being reissued for this occasion.

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    · Rejoice in the Lord alway, verse anthem Z.49 (8'04) · Remember not, lord, our offences, full anthem Z.50 (3'05) · Blow Up The Trumpet In Sion Full Anthem Z.10 (6'33) · Hear My Prayer, O Lord Full Anthem Z.15 (2'22) · My Heart Is Inditing Verse Anthem Z.30 (14'27) ·  Funeral Sentences (Musique Funèbre Pour La Reine Mary)  (14'55) March Z.860 Man That Is Born Of A Woman, Full Anthem Z.27 Canzona Z.860 In The Midst Of Life, Full Anthem Z.17 Canzona Z.860 Thou Knowest, Lord, the secres of our hearts, Full Anthem Z.58c March Z.860 · O Lord God Of Hosts, Full Anthem Z.37  (4'32) · Te Deum, Verse Anthems in D major Z.232  (13'07)

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