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Klaviersonate op. 5. Fünf Stücke op. 3. Stimmungsbilder op. 9

Frank Braley
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    Wild Oats
    The 3 Opus numbers on this recording are all the works of a very young Richard Strauss (17-18 years of age), and represent his only works for the piano, because he never returned to the instrument. It is surprising to learn how resolutely Strauss, for whom the composition of his large-scale operatic frescoes and symphonies could take place only at the piano, repudiated “all ostentation or empty virtuosity, all exhibitionism” (G. Gould) in the Klavierstücke and the Stimmungsbilder: Severely criticized by some of his contemporaries, these works deserve to be seen in a new light, because they reveal an intimate facet of Strauss, deeply rooted in the romantic idiom to which he was soon to bid farewell for ever.

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    • Frank Braley


    RICHARD STRAUSS [1864-1949]
    Fünf Klavierstücke op. 3
    Cinq Pièces pour piano
    Five Piano Pieces

    · I. Andante (4'24)
    · II. Allegro vivace scherzando (2'49)
    · III. Largo (6'51)
    · IV. Allegro molto (3'54)
    · V. Allegro marcatissimo (4'00)
    Sonate op. 5
    en si mineur / B minor / h-moll

    · I. Allegro molto appassionato (7'58)
    · II. Adagio cantabile (4'54)
    · III. Scherzo (2'24)
    · IV. Finale. Allegro vivo (6'05)
    Stimmungsbilder op. 9

    · I. Auf stillem Waldespfad. Andante (3'30)
    · II. An einsamer Quelle. Lento (3'28)
    · III. Intermezzo. Allegretto (3'06)
    · IV. Träumerei. Andantino (2'46)
    · V. Heidebild. Lento ma non troppo (5'28)

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