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"Portrait": Klavierkonzert Nr. 1, Violinkonzert, Streichsextett Nr. 2, Klaviertrio & Quartett, Balladen, Ein Deutsches Requiem etc.

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Explore three key figures of their respective eras through their most famous works, complete and uncut. With George Frideric Handel, Portrait invites you to follow the astonishing career of a Saxon composer who, unlike his exact contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach, practised the various national styles of the late Baroque in the countries that invented them. After a particularly fruitful period of apprenticeship in Italy, he intended to stay a short time in England but ended up spending the rest of his life there, becoming a national glory. It was in London that he composed such masterpieces as Messiah and the most exciting of all opere serie, Giulio Cesare. One of the three giants of the Viennese Classical style, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart needs no introduction. He developed the pre-existing forms of the Classical idiom rather than inventing new ones, but with outstanding results. Yes, there was definitely a ‘before’ and ‘after’ Mozart, as illustrated here by his operatic masterpiece Cosi fan tutte in the award-winning interpretation of Rene Jacobs, alongside Philippe Herreweghe’s celebrated version of the Requiem, two of the most popular piano concertos, and other gems. Johannes Brahms, for his part, undoubtedly embodies the quintessence of late Romanticism, and listeners will enjoy discovering or renewing acquaintance with the German Requiem, the Fourth Symphony, two towering concertos for piano (no.1) and violin, and a host of other superb pieces.
An extensive illustrated booklet contains full notes on all the works in the programme, and collectors will appreciate the elegance and sturdiness of the box sets, which will become an indispensable acquisition for curious music-lovers.

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· Piano Concerto no.1 op.15
in D minor / ré mineur / d-Moll
Variations on a theme by Haydn op.56a
Variationen op.56a über ein Thema von Haydn (69'29)

· Violin Concerto op.77
in D major / Ré majeur / D-Dur
Symphony no.4 op.90
in E minor / mi mineur / e-Moll (77'21)

· String Sextet no.2 op.36
in G major / Sol majeur / G-Dur
Piano Quintet op.34
in F minor / fa mineur / f-Moll (79'15)

· Piano Quartet op.25
in G minor / sol mineur / g-Moll
Clarinet Quintet op.115
in B minor / si mineur / h-Moll (77'36)

· Trio for violin, horn and piano op.40
in E flat major / Mi bémol majeur / Es-Dur
Sonata for violin and piano no.1 op.78
in G major / Sol majeur / G-Dur
7 Fantasien op.116 (79'18)

· Ballades op.10
Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, op.24
Hungarian Dances WoO 1
Danses hongroises / Ungarische Tänze (80'02)

· Lieder
Elf Zigeunerlieder op.103 (1888) (79'46)

· Ein deutsches Requiem op.45
Requiem allemand / A German Requiem
Warum ist das Licht gegeben den Mühseligen op.74/1 (77'25)

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