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Schumann - Berg - Kurtág

Quartet Gerhard
1 CD
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    These four Catalan musicians exiled in Berlin already have considerable experience behind them: seven years of shared concerts and discoveries that have seen them win major international prizes. The quartet’s first disc at once says it all: an overarching perspective on the repertory, a taste for challenges, and uncompromisingly rigorous standards. All the qualities required to reach the highest peaks.
    Lluís Castán Cochs, violin
    Judit Bardolet Vilaró, violin
    Miquel Jordà Saún, viola
    Jesús Miralles Roger, cello
    The harmonia#nova series is conceived to offer young artists singled out for their exceptional talents a technical, editorial and promotional showcase that lives up to the high standards of harmonia mundi’s classical productions. While those standards remain identical across a very wide range of repertories, the recording philosophy governing this series is rather different, since it is produced above all by the musicians themselves. Welcome!

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    • Quartet Gerhard
      String Quartet



    ROBERT SCHUMANN [1810-1856]
    String Quartet No.3
    in A Major, Op.41 No.3

    · I. Andante espressivo - Allegro molto moderato (7'10)
    · II. Assai agitato (6'11)
    · III. Adagio molto (7'34)
    · IV. Finale - Allegro molto vivace (7'01)
    ALBAN BERG [1885-1935]
    Lyric Suite
    · I. Allegretto giovale (3'10)
    · II. Andante amoroso (6'06)
    · III. Allegro misterioso - Trio estatico (3'19)
    · IV. Adagio appassionato (5'12)
    · V. Presto delirando - Tenebroso (4'35)
    · VI. Largo desolato (5'18)
    GYÖRGY KURTÁG [b. 1926-]
    Officium breve in memoriam Andrae Szervanszky, Op.28
    · I. Largo (In memoriam Tibor Turcsanyi) (0'19)
    · II. Piu andante (In memoriam Zsolt Baranyay) (0'41)
    · III. Sostenuto, quasi giusto (0'45)
    · IV. Grave, molto sostenuto (0'36)
    · V. Presto (Fantasie über die Harmonien des Webern-Kanons) (0'41)
    · VI. Molto agitato (Canon a 4) (0'18)
    · VII. Sehr fliessend [Canon a 2 (frei nach op. 31/VI von Webern)] (0'31)
    · VIII. Lento (In memoriam Gabriella Garzo) (0'32)
    · IX. Largo (0'46)
    · X. Sehr fliessend (Webern : Kanon a 4, op.31/VI) (1'41)
    · XI. Sostenuto (In memoriam Gyorgy Szoltsanyi) (1'38)
    · XII. Sostenuto, quasi giusto (0'44)
    · XIII. Sostenuto, con slancio (0'48)
    · XIV. Dispertao, vivo (0'40)
    · XV. Larghetto [Arioso interrotto (di Endre Szervanszky)] (1'25)

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